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CAMA for IMMARBE-Belize is the only designated IMMARBE Office in INDIA. It is also the Office of the Dy.Registrar IMMARBE Belize / Principal Officer CAMA Belize / Dy.Commissioner Belize Maritime Affairs.

Dedicated towards maritime studies, modular courses & issuance of maritime Licenses, Seaman Books, certifications issued under the authority of INTERNATIONAL MERCHANT MARINE REGISTRY of BELIZE known as IMMARBE-Belize. This is an autonomous governess body under Government of Belize. Belize forms an independent country of British Honduras situated in Central America East Coast. South of Belize is bordered by Honduras. The north boundaries touch Mexico Yucatan Peninsula & Western boundaries touch Guatemala. The official language is English which makes their Indian counterparts communicate comfortably. An ex British colony follows an essence of British culture blended by the Mayan Civilization.

CAMA Belize extends facilities to Indian as well as International Seafarers. CAMA accepts applications for Belize Seaman Book / Belize CDC, Marine Technician Books, Belize COC / License, Belize DC, Belize Endorsement.

IMMARBE Belize being in IMO White List facilitates certified seamen to get employed in all flags of conveniences and several other commonwealth flags. In Gulf countries, Belize certification is well honored. The certificate/COC from IMMARBE Belize issued through CAMA Belize can be easily VERIFIED on spot with ONLINE VERIFICATION or can also be emailed to Belize city for further detailed Verification.


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